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What is it?

Business Showers are our way to celebrate the women in our organization who have put their all into their business.


Think of it as a ribbon cutting + bridal shower to celebrate a big business milestones. Each is customized to the individual business' needs and personality for a unique party!

What We Need

We are currently building a list of Business Shower Sponsors that members can pick from when planning their shower. We are looking for in-kind venue, food, drink, decoration, entertainment, and swag sponsors.

Becoming a Sponsor

No commitment. Simply fill out our interest form and we'll send you a text or email next time we host a Business Shower or any other event you were interested in sponsoring. Fill that out here.

Hosting A Shower

Interested in hosting a Business Shower to celebrate a big milestone in your business? Read on to see if a Business Shower is right for you!

More About Business Showers

Because they're one of a kind!

Join us in honoring remarkable achievements and milestones with Business Showers, a unique blend of ribbon-cutting ceremony and baby shower, hosted by WE. These heartwarming gatherings provide an opportunity to celebrate your successes in the company of your empowering circle, those who celebrate your victories as their own.


Event Highlights:


🎉 Cheering Your Wins: Business Showers are the perfect platform to celebrate significant moments, whether it's a grand opening, a milestone reached, or a noteworthy achievement. Gather your tribe and revel in the joy of your accomplishments.


👭 Supportive Community: These showers are designed for small business owners who are carving their paths without the built-in support structure of a larger corporation. Experience the camaraderie of a community that embraces your journey and believes in your growth.


💫 Requirements: To participate, you must have attended 2-3 WE events, posted an introduction in the public group, and be commemorating a milestone or business opening.




🎗 Attire & Attendance: Dress up and be a part of the celebration, surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs who are ready to shower you with encouragement and positivity.


💌 Tokens of Support: Attendees are encouraged to bring an uplifting note, card, or self-care gift to honor the occasion. Even if you cannot attend, you can still contribute by posting an encouraging comment in the event.


📸 Capture Memories: Make sure to capture the special moments through photographs, creating lasting memories of this remarkable event.


📣 Sharing the Joy: Extend the celebration to your network by sharing about your business and its accomplishments, spreading the word about your products or services.


What WE Will Do:


🎈 Event Ambiance: WE will provide a welcoming atmosphere with branded banners, directional signs, and decor that sets the celebratory tone.


🥂 A Little Speech: WE will be marking your achievement with style and flair. Tears may happen.


📣 Promotion: WE will create a Facebook event and cover, highlighting your business in the days leading up to the event. We'll also showcase your products or services on our page.




🎉 Confetti Package: $350

Facebook Event & Email Campaign (1 announcement, 1 reminder)

Promotion on 5 local event boards

Speech & Toast

Up to 3 sponsorship opportunities in various categories

✨ Glitter Package: $500

All features of the Confetti Package

Personalized press release sent to 5 news outlets

Up to 5 sponsorship opportunities

Additional Option:

👥 Joint Showers: +$75


Join us as we unite to celebrate, uplift, and empower each other in a community that thrives on shared successes.


Business Showers are a testament to the incredible journey of entrepreneurship. WE is here to celebrate your victories, embrace your growth, and create a space where your triumphs shine. Let's make your milestones moments to remember.

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