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Walk With WE - First Friday 

Every First Friday, we meet in Downtown Bryan to visit 5 Downtown Bryan gems with your WE friends. This event is free, as well as family-friendly.

More about Walk With WE - First Friday Edition

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and connection with "Walk With WE - First Friday Edition"! Join us for an enriching evening every first Friday of the month, starting at 5:00 PM. We'll gather at Downtown Bryan to explore the vibrant local scene, indulge in captivating conversations, and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that defines our community.


Event Highlights:


🌆 Downtown Delights: Immerse yourself in the bustling energy of Downtown Bryan as we set off on a captivating expedition through the heart of our city. Together, we'll visit five unique local stores and restaurants, each a gem in its own right, showcasing the creativity and entrepreneurial prowess of our neighbors.


🛍️ Supporting Local: "Walk With WE - First Friday Edition" is all about promoting the growth of our local businesses. From women-owned to locally owned establishments, every stop on our journey highlights the essence of our community and its entrepreneurial endeavors.


👩‍👧‍👦 Inclusive Community: Families of women entrepreneurs are more than welcome to join this event! Bring your loved ones along for an evening of exploration, connection, and inspiration. Let's build lasting memories while fostering a sense of unity among our community members.


🗣️ Engaging Conversations: At each stop, engage with business owners, fellow participants, and curious bystanders in conversations that go beyond the surface. Share stories, learn from experiences, and forge connections that have the potential to grow into valuable relationships.


🌟 Timeless Exploration: With no set end time, "Walk With WE - First Friday Edition" offers the freedom to explore at your own pace. Delve into the treasures of Downtown Bryan, make new friends, and support local entrepreneurs, all on your own schedule.




📅 Frequency: First Friday of every month

⏰ Start Time: 5:00 PM

📍 Meeting Point: Downtown Bryan (Specific location TBA)


Note: This event is free for all and embraces an open, welcoming environment. Come with an open heart and a desire to explore, connect, and celebrate our local entrepreneurs.


Experience the magic of Downtown Bryan, connect with the thriving community of women entrepreneurs, and celebrate the spirit of local businesses. "Walk With WE - First Friday Edition" is your invitation to discover the heart and soul of our city while forming connections that transcend the evening. We're excited to embark on this enriching journey with you!

Join us for our next Walk With WE - First Friday Edition

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