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Ever struggled to get yourself going? Feel like you could use a little extra accountability to get some of those harder tasks done? Work With WE may be the right event for you! 

More about Work With WE

Welcome to a haven of focused productivity and mutual support – "Work With WE." Join us every Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the heart of entrepreneurial energy, WE Headquarters. This event offers a dynamic space where entrepreneurs come together to harness the power of collective determination, ensuring that challenging tasks are conquered and goals are achieved.


Event Highlights:


🏢 Collaborative Workspace: Experience the synergy of working alongside fellow entrepreneurs in the inspiring atmosphere of WE Headquarters. Our shared space provides the perfect backdrop for individual endeavors that benefit from a supportive community.


⏳ Focused Accountability: For those who crave a balance between autonomy and companionship, "Work With WE" offers a unique solution. Use the presence of your peers as an accountability partner to dive into tasks that require deep concentration and commitment.


🧠 Support for ADHD Entrepreneurs: "Work With WE" understands the challenges that entrepreneurs with ADHD may face. The event serves as a "body double," helping you stay on track and focused during those critical work hours.


🌟 Productivity Boost: Benefit from the positive pressure of a collective environment that thrives on productivity. Witness your to-do list shrink and your goals come to life as you channel your efforts into your work.


🗣️ Inspiring Breaks: Amidst work sessions, take advantage of the chance to share insights, ideas, and short discussions with your peers. These breaks, filled with uplifting conversations, offer a breath of fresh air that reinvigorates your mindset.




📅 Day & Time: Every Friday

⏰ Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

📍 Location: WE Headquarters


Note: "Work With WE" encourages a collaborative yet individual-focused atmosphere. Whether you're a solopreneur seeking companionship or someone looking for a supportive space, this event is designed to nurture your productivity journey.


Experience the difference of working together, yet apart, in an environment that understands the nuances of entrepreneurial productivity. "Work With WE" invites you to turn your aspirations into accomplishments, surrounded by a community that believes in the power of collective progress. Join us and discover the synergy that takes your work to new heights.

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