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Events WE Offer

The core of WE is our in-person events. Get out of the house, get dressed, and join us for the magic that is networking with other women business owners who truly want you to succeed.


After a few years helping women entrepreneurs keep going, we're starting to have a pretty good idea of what they want and need. However, we are always looking to get better. Let us know if we're missing a service you could use!



Lunch Bunch

The oldest of our offerings. Lunch Bunch is how it all started. Now on weekdays closest to the Full Moon, Lunch Bunches are where the magic happens. People meet the right contact, or get the inspiration they need to make their project work. Come mingle!


Bummer Hour

Think Happy Hour, but where the expectation of you walking in with a smile or coming to mingle are none. We just want you to be able to get out of the house, be with others, even if you stay to yourself. Who knows, maybe when you leave, you'll leave with a smile.



Work With WE

If, like our founder, you need extra accountability to get your laptop cracked open or to do those tasks you really don't enjoy - working with others might be for you. The fact that you're expected, that someone might check in on you, sometimes that's all the motivation you need.


Group Coaching

Accountability and help when you need it most. Weekly meetups help keep you on task, while the help and resources you get from the others can be invaluable. Show up, grow, become another WE success story!



Book Club

We love reading books- from self-development to business books. We'll be spending time with each kind, while also putting into action the tips and tricks from the book. Gone are the days of thinking "I should really have done that thing from that book all those years ago."

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