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Introducing Yourself to the WE Community

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Facebook groups are a great way to create relationships with people online (useful during this pandemic!) AND they’re a great marketing tool for your business.

If you’re an entrepreneur local to the College Station/Bryan area, join our free Facebook group to get support and help on your entrepreneurial journey! 

In our group, your introduction is your one shameless self-promotion post allowed in the group, so we encourage people to use it well.

From the hundreds of introductions we’ve seen so far, here are a few core elements we noticed they shared. 

A good introduction should get people to know more about you and THEN your business. 

A good post can also lead to sales, new friendships, useful contacts, Facebook page likes (link that page), Instagram followers, or whatever you want people to follow. 

What makes a good intro?

Tip 1: Introduce Yourself, Then Your Business

Make your introduction more about you than your business (trust me) and then let us in on your business. Sometimes the business idea steals the stage, but much more often, people buy from people they like, so introduce yourself as you are. I’m sure you’ll find someone like you!

Give us all the background info you’re willing to share:

  1. Your background story and how you landed in this town

  2. Your obstacles & how you overcame them

  3. Your why – What motivates you – Why you are in business

  4. Your business

  5. What it does 

  6. Who you serve

  7. What you sell

  8. If you don’t have a business yet, what’s your dream business or passion in life? 

Tip 2: Add a picture or video, always

Link to your social media accounts & website, but use a picture/video on your post to boost engagement and chances of it being seen. Based on the algorithm and people’s preferences, a relevant picture + Links to your FB page, website, Instagram in the post is your best bet. 

Tip 3: Share what you’re looking for or struggling with

Tell us what you hope to gain from this group or what kind of collaborations you are looking for. If you need help in a specific area, speak up! You don’t know what kind of solutions you have been missing until you’ve asked the masses. 

Most people want to buy from/do business with people they know and like, so sell yourself well in your intro post!

Technical Tips

  1. Link to your Facebook page vs. your website. You want people to easily be able to follow you. Going to your website might mean a sale or two, but most people will take some time to warm up. Invite them to like your social media page. It’s better long term, and MUCH easier for people to follow/save.

  1. Include a link to your mailing list (preferably using a lead magnet -> more on that here) and explain what your newsletter provides and who it’s for. This should obviously align with your ideal custom described above. 

  1. When including other links, make sure your post links to your FB page and not the website as FB prioritizes posts with internal links. It’s easiest and safest to add them in the comments. 

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