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Lonely? Overwhelmed?

Entrepreneurship is lonely. AND overwhelming. But you don't have to do it alone.

Sometimes, all you need to keep going is a single word of encouragement.

Why Encouragement?

We've heard it too often. Women being told to "get a real job" or if they are successful and busy to "stay home with the kids". Or the "That's a nice hobby" line. It often feels like there is no winning.

Add to that that entrepreneurship is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, and we have a recipe for disaster.

​But if you choose to do entrepreneurship with WE, we can also tell you that you’ll have a support system to fall back on every step of the way. 

We've seen friendships and businesses blossom in our existence. Women crave connection and entrepreneurship is quite a lonely journey. Don't do it alone, check out our free Facebook group and membership!

WE exists because sometimes all you need to keep going is a single word of encouragement, and we can proudly say that our community happily provides that for each other.

Your biggest cheerleader,

Marie-Anne Mousseau-Holland

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What People Say

Kelsey Siegmund
Honeybee Creations

Joining WE has brought me out of my shell and helped me create new relationships. As an introvert, these events have been really great because everyone is always so friendly. I wish I hadn't waited a year to join. My cards are currently in one local store, and hopefully that will soon be two. I couldn't have done that without the encouragement and support of the other women in the group!

Becky Dickson
5th Ave Travel Agent

I started a podcast with my husband, Real Health Chats. Being a part of the masterminds (now group coaching) and having that weekly accountability that it provided, proved to be invaluable to me being able to continue the podcast for so long. I've now moved on to a different venture as a travel agent who specializes in trips to New York, especially for the theatrical crowd. I can't wait for group-coaching to start again!

Jade Chapman
ABJ Chapman Services

I started working for Marie, the founder of WE in college as an intern for her daycare. She was quick to recommend me to other members, including Catherine at Busha's Custom Cookies, Classes, and More. Catherine not only let me lead the charge in getting her bakery open, she also encouraged  me to raise my rates and start an official business as a VA. I've worked for many more women in WE because of them.

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Your dreams are possible! You just have to imagine it first.

Look – it does feel really crazy to do this. It IS crazy to do this. But it’s doable and if you find people who think “crazy” like you, the feeling crazy goes away. You feel more inspired. More confident in your decision. Oh how much time I could have saved if I hadn’t spent the better half of three years second guessing whether I was doing the right thing. I know it now and I want you to know it too. 

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