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Why Profit First?

As we head into tax season, we thought Profit First would be a good fit to get us to look at our finances and make some better decisions for us down the road. This is the right time of the year to make changes, so, why not?

This book will help you...

Sign Up For Business Book Club

Not your ordinary book club; think if book club and coaching had a baby and you get the gist of it. We'd love to have you join us as we make our business better while helping you make yours better too!


Lead by Jennifer Laatz,
Owner at Stark Farms & Brawn Bulldogges

Jennifer Laatz has recently developed a passion for reading and self-improvement - both in business and in life. She is committed to helping others achieve their goals by providing insight, support, and a healthy dose of positivity for those who need it.

What women just like you had to say about our previous Business Book Club

Becky Dickson

5th Avenue Travels

“The best thing about Business Book Club is being able to talk with other business owners who are also trying to improve. Things work differently for each of us and our different businesses, so being able to brainstorm, make plans and be held accountable was so valuable to me, and it could be for you too!"

Fallon Crocker

Succs and Such

"If you’re thinking about joining Business Book Club, do it! I would not have made the time to read this book without the accountability of the book club and then I would have been without my new and improved mindset.


This was the first business book I have ever completed but it will not be the last!"

Peggy Mauldin

“I was really lacking in motivation before Business Book Club and it made me feel less than I am. The book club made me believe that it was possible to get back on track. It helped me get more focused on the task I needed to accomplish. I believe doing nothing leaves you where you are, so trying something new, well, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?”

Before participating in Business Book Club (Atomic Habits), I had a really hard time being organized and planning my time well for my business. I was working longer and it felt like chaos sometimes because I didn’t have set times to work, and I would say yes to help out family members, at the cost of my business.

While participating in Business Book Club, the most helpful part was being able to talk with others about the concepts and principles in the book, and how they can apply to my business and me personally. 


I was inspired to get my work space organized. I started planning and prioritizing tasks differently and feel I am moving to working smarter, not harder. I feel more confidence in what I'm doing. A big part of that was time blocking my schedule and saying no to things that interfered with my work hours. 

Becky Dickson

Not sure yet?

We have an informational coming up next Tuesday. Sign up, no commitment necessary AND you won't be behind. See you then?

Lunch Bunch @ Poche's Seafood Shoppe
Lunch Bunch @ Poche's Seafood Shoppe
Membership Offer
Join us at Poche's for lunch and fun on May 15th! Coming late? Send us your order so you can eat with us!
May 15, 2024, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Poche's Seafood Shoppe,
3004 Holleman Dr S, College Station, TX 77845, USA
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