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How To Use Special Holidays To Drive Engagement With Your Audience

  1. Pick a few that are meaningful to you or that you can get behind

  2. If you love cheeseburgers, cheeseburger day might be for you

  3. Pick things that are on-brand, but also some personal favorites

  4. Pick ones that might have a story behind them 

Ex. Bubba Day. I have pictures of me and our Bubba (my 12-year-old- step-son) going to a Chamber of Commerce meeting last summer. It was probably the highlight of his summer and I can tie it back into entrepreneurship or Lemonade Day. See below for more examples.
  1. Plan out your posts for the month ahead. Be sure they include a question or request to post their picture or their own story. You want to connect with people on a level that is beyond what you sell/your industry. 

  1. Post in real time, and respond to comments as they come in. You can set a time to do this, or set your notifications to be notified every time someone comments. Get conversations started with the people who have commented. Get to know them!

  1. In the future, when you post about the same topic, you could tag some of the people who had commented to give them a shoutout, make them feel special, and remind them that they have this in common with you. Whenever that thing you have in common pops up in real life, they will now think of you. How neat!

Here are some that I liked and what I would do with them…

We prefer this link for our wacky and special holidays. 

Gardening Week – share a new love of gardening with daily garden updates. If you are a seasoned gardener, do a week full of gardening tips!

June 2nd – Bubba Day (see above)

June 5th – Hot air balloon day – Share the story of when we went to ride on a hot air balloon (on a whim) on our honeymoon. I would also share that we almost hit a wall and that I didn’t know quite how dangerous they were until after I had been on one. I’d share a pretty cool picture or two with it. I would ask if people had ever been on a hot air balloon ride, or if it’s on their bucket list experience.

June 8th – Share love of oceans

June 15th – Smile Power – I would pull from the definition on the website about how smiling can change someone’s day and challenge them to smile at someone today. Ask my audience to post a selfie smiling. (adapt if the weather is glum, or something else is going on in the world)

June 15th – Nature Photography Day – Take a picture of the outdoors and ask your audience to do the same. Share how you enjoy nature on a daily basis. 

June 16th – Fresh Veggies Day – If I were a food blogger, this would tie in well. I could also share some local places to get fresh veggies that aren’t the grocery store. 

June 17th – Eat Your Veggies Day – To go along with Fresh Veggies Day, you can follow up with veggie-heavy recipes to use up all the stuff you bought yesterday. 

June 18th – Fishing Day, Picnic Day, Sushi Day, Splurge Day

June 21st – Yoga Day

June 28th – Insurance Awareness Day – Share about insurance agents that are friends and what services they offer and what makes them special.

June 28th – Body Piercing Day – Share body piercings I’ve had and currently have now. Ask the audience to share if they have piercings too.

June 27th – Sunglasses Day – Poll – Which type are you? You have a collection of cheap sunglasses laying around or you have that one perfect pair you keep close to you? Share my own personal vote.

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