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How to Plan the Ultimate Dream Honeymoon

Most people know wedding planning is a lot of work. However, the bride and groom rarely think about how much time it will take to plan their DREAM honeymoon. You and your significant other may have traveled together in the past, but your honeymoon isn’t just another trip. It deserves as much careful planning as your wedding day! We outlined some tips and tricks to planning the perfect honeymoon getaway that will help you to avoid the overwhelming, countless hours of research. Start discussing the below topics with your Fiancé!

Determine Your Budget

Determining your budget is the first step to figuring out your honeymoon. If you are completely at a loss for how much you “should” spend, consult with your travel advisor. They can give you a realistic estimate of how much your vacation will cost based on your preferences.

Tip: If you don’t feel you can afford your ultimate dream honeymoon, try putting a honeymoon fund on your registry!


Figure out how much time you want to spend away and what your ideal travel dates would be. Ask off of work right away so you can guarantee a stress-free vacation with your new spouse.

Find Your Unique Interests

This is a combined effort. Make sure your honeymoon is a perfect balance of what he wants AND what she wants. After all, this is the beginning of a long loving life together. Sharing experiences that you can both enjoy is essential. Consider your preferences in the following categories: history and culture, downtime vs. fast-paced, adventure, art, nature and site-seeing, nightlife, ecotourism, warm beaches or cool mountain air, etc. YOUR honeymoon should be completely unique to YOUR marriage.

Do you have anything on your bucket list you have been waiting to check off? Consider starting off your new marriage with a bang by taking a helicopter tour around a beautiful island or zip lining through the rainforest. Try to plan at least one excursion that is completely new to you and your new spouse.


When considering locations outside of the United States, make sure you and your Fiancé both have (or plan to get) a passport prior to traveling!

Ask your travel expert for suggestions

Travel advisors specialize in customizing unique vacations for their clients. Find a travel agent you trust and use their expertise to narrow your research. Just as you would use a coordinator to help make your wedding day perfect, a travel advisor will help ensure your honeymoon will be unforgettable.

Looking for a travel agent? Below, we outlined a reasons why using a travel agent is important.

  1. Booking through an agent can get you extra perks such as complimentary upgrades, discounted prices, and VIP treatment because we have strong relationships with the suppliers.

  2. Using an agent saves you time and money. We handle all of the logistics from the beginning of the planning process to the return flight home. We are there every step of the way. We set up customized payment plans for our clients so you never have to worry about remembering when payments are due. Your travel agent is a great resource WHILE you are traveling as well. If you have ever had a delayed flight or lost luggage, you know how stressful traveling can be. We address the issues on behalf of our clients so they can go on enjoying their vacation.

  3. We ensure all documents/ identification needed are provided, confirm you have travel protection, and much more.

  4. Our services are 100% FREE. We get paid by the suppliers after booking the vacation, so we do not ask for any additional payment from our clients. (If you are using another agent, check to see if they have any additional fees prior to booking).

Cherish Every Moment

Whatever you choose to do for your honeymoon, remember that you will cherish these memories forever. You are starting an incredible journey together and your honeymoon is a reflection of all of the beautiful adventures to come. Take time to reflect on how you want to enjoy your vacation, but more importantly, remember to adore the time you have with the love of your life.

Ty & Tessa Taylor are two passionate individuals who seek to brighten the lives of others through customized vacations.

Facebook: @DoubleTTravels


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