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How To Stay Updated With The News In Just A Few Minutes Per Day

Entrepreneur or not, it’s important to be able to stay updated on what’s going on in the U.S., the world, and business in general. It’s been a lot harder to tell what’s what in the news lately, so instead of using Facebook for important updates, try one of these ways to get the news.

  1. Daily Podcasts – This is easily becoming my favorite way to get my news. Between NPR’s Up First and Robinhood’s Snacks Daily, I get all of the business and world news I need for the day.

  1. Weekly Podcast – Skimm This by The Skimm goes deeper into topics that have been talked about all week. I miss their daily version, but I also really enjoy this weekly one.

  1. Daily Newsletter – The Skimm. I’ve been a fan of this newsletter for years now. I love reading it daily, and while I wish it was in podcast form, I’m still a huge fan.

  1. App – Google News. This is my favorite app for reading the news. There are many, and I’m sure they’re great too, I just landed on this one and never looked back. This is also where I get my local news and industry-specific news.

How do you soak in the news? Or do you avoid it completely? It’s hard to ignore everything going on with social media, but when you need to get a sense of what’s real and what’s not, sticking to these sources will make everything a bit easier to figure out.

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