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Why You Should Have a Coffee Truck at Your Next Event

Benefits of Coffee

Boosts Brainpower

  1. Many people drink coffee to increase their concentration. Caffeine helps to enhance levels of alertness by prompting the production of dopamine – this controls attention and motivation!

  2. Studies show that coffee could enhance memory for up to 24 hours after consumption and that regular coffee consumption over a lifetime could even reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduces Anxiety

  1. Small amounts of caffeine can help reduce anxiety levels and make you feel happier.

Increases Energy & Health

  1. Increased heart rate can make you feel more energized, which is why caffeine drinks are sometimes used by athletes to improve performance.

  2. Caffeine also improves cardiovascular performance by opening up the airways in the lungs making it easier to breathe.

Benefits of having a mobile coffee shop at your next event

What’s better than a fresh cup of coffee, or better yet a warm latte, in the morning?

If you are planning a corporate event, trade show, conference, sports tournament, wedding, or any other event, one great way to create a memorable experience for your clients or guests, is to provide unique coffee drinks.

  1. Attendees will love the boost of energy, high quality coffee, and positive environment.

  2. Your audience will be alert and ready to fully participate after their morning dose of caffeine.

  3. Hiring a mobile coffee vendor will give guests the gift of convenience. Guests won’t have to go out of their way to find a nearby coffee shop, or suffer through the self-serve station typically provided at corporate events. Instead, they will enjoy personalized service, locally brewed beans, and customized drinks served to them from a Barista. What better way to make your guests feel valued and enhance their experience?

Pro Tip: Ask your coffee vendor to personalize the menu with creative drink names (such as “A Whole Latte Love” as the Brides drink at your wedding) or promotional coffee sleeves with YOUR logo. Simply send a high-resolution copy of your logo to the vendor, and let them do the work for you.

Options for Non-Coffee Drinkers-

  1. Mobile Coffee baristas often include non-coffee options such as teas and hot chocolate.

  2. At Game Day Coffee Co. we offer several non-coffee options including hot chocolate, teas, tea lattes, waters, and Gatorades.

If you want to create a positive impression of your event, elect to hire a mobile coffee shop to serve premium coffee and espresso drinks. Your event will be remembered and reflected on by your guests. Whether you are searching for a way to keep attendees focused on your presentation or simply want to create a memorable experience for your guests, utilizing a mobile coffee shop is a wonderful solution. 

Ty & Tessa Taylor own Game Day Coffee Co. a mobile coffee shop in the Brazos Valley. They seek to connect with and inspire people within their community.

“Get Your Game Face On”

Facebook/Instagram: @GameDayCoffeeCo


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