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Why You Need To Post Your Event On Multiple Event Boards – Even If They Sell Out

Most sites allow you to post your event for free, allow you to upload an image, and will link back to your event page. This is awesome for a multitude of reasons, as we’ll discuss below. Whether your events or classes constantly sell out or you’re trying to drum up some foot traffic, cross posting about your event has more benefits than meets the eye.

Backlinks to your website

Driving traffic to your website is a great reason to post on all of these boards. Even if your event does sell out without posting everywhere, having them posted on several sites will have people clicking, learning about your business, and checking out your other services. Having a bunch of different websites link back to yours boosts the searchability of your event & the overall SEO of your website. 


Having your event published on local news & community sites creates a more organized feeling around your event. Someone coming across your event multiple times will also be seeing your brand and your message across multiple platforms, making them feel like “you’re everywhere”. If you put that much into your marketing, imagine how much you put into the event! 

Free publicity

These different sites are going to want to promote unique and local events from business owners just like you. Sites like whose main focus is to share local events on social media will post and tag fun events they think the community will like. 

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